Learn Spanish in Spain's capital Madrid

=elemadrid= is located in the heart of Madrid close to the famous Retiro Park. In a stylish & wonderfully preserved old building in the fashionable Calle Serrano district, the school is spacious, professionally equipped and air-conditioned.
General information:
Our target customers are adults, professionals and Spanish teachers teaching Spanish as a foreign language. All Spanish courses are designed for small groups or private tuition. The average age of our students is 35 years and the minimum age 20 years. You may join at any level year round.
Spanish language courses:
The teaching program develops in 2 directions, one linguistic and the other theme-based. All courses are carried out through carefully dosed and motivating immersion into the Spanish language (Spanish courses) and culture (Rainbow Immersion). This enables the student to understand and speak Spanish easy and fast, and to get to know the country, its customs, history and present day.
Rainbow Immersion (Profiles, Spain Today, Discover Madrid):
It is an integral part of all Spanish courses. It is the practice oriented component of your language vacation. It offers insights into Spanish customs, culture, art, economy and society. The following 3 inter-active performences are held after regular Spanish classes three times a week and included in the price of all Spanish language courses.
Characteristic personalities (eg. actor, TV-speaker, flamenco dancer, university professor, taxidriver, foreigner, gipsy, bullfighter, etc.) come to =elemadrid= for presentations. It is an excellent opportunity for direct contacts with Spaniards and to experience how they live, work and think.
Spain Today:
These classes offer qualified information and practical experiences in a number of selected areas of contemporary Spain's culture, politics and economy (eg. history of Spanish language, local products: safran, olive oil, kork; fashion in Spain; Spanish film industry; and more).
Discover Madrid:
Guided tours provide insights into the Spanish culture, history, art, and economy (eg. the Royal carpet manufactury, tapa restaurants, modern/old Madrid, bullfighting training center, police station, local markets, typical high school, Flamenco school, Prado art museum, etc.).
Spanish conversation:
-- Free conversation with Spaniards: waiting for you to contact them. You will share the time between your and their mother tongue. Check out our list of names.
-- Meet professional collegues: physicians, architects, lawyers business, etc. They are eager to converse with collegues from all over the world. We arrange apointments for a small fee.
Spanish art seminars:
Our art teacher is a native Spanish speaker. He is a professional painter and an expert on Spanish art. During the week (after regular classes) or on a weekend he organizes:
Painting classes, a visit to a painter's studio and guided art excursions & museum tours: to the Prado, Thyssen, and Reina Sofia in Madrid, to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, or to Toledo and Ciudad Real.
Leisure activites:
All leisure activity courses are part of an efficient language and culture immersion program. The focal point falls on interest in a specific subject and social collaboration with Spaniards who share your interests. You may choose from the following options: Spanish cuisine, tasting Spanish wines, Spanish dancing classes, photographing in Madrid, fashion design, pottery, acting, diction, holistic therapy.
Weekend excursions:
We provide 3 different types of guided excursions which start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday evening. Some excursions are one day tours.
-- To other cities:  Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Granada, Sevilla, Cadiz, Bilbao.
-- To the countryside:  an excellent chance to visit rural Spain with its little and picturesque villages. They offer the possibility to observe traditions, lifestyle, handycrafts, to enjoy local food and beverages, to participate on fiestas, to talk, and make new friends ...
-- Hiking tours:  a unique oportunity to discover the beauty of nature ... and quietness - an unforgettable experience.
To make your decision easier, we provide a list of over 50 references with comments, e-mail address or phone number of former =elemadrid= customers. Don't hesitate to contact them and find out more about us.
A list of over 25 accommodations (apartments, apartment sharing, homestay in a Spanish family, hotels and student residences) with a brief description and price information helps you choosing the type of lodging that appeals most to you.
If you would like us to call you at your convenience or order a free brochure or simply read more details you are invited to visit our website.

Email: hola@elemadrid.com

Web: http://www.elemadrid.com

Address: Serrano 4, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34-91-432-454o

Fax: +34-91-432-4541

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