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Dealing with small classes in a small school (absolute maximum for adult courses 45 students) gives our teachers the chance to get to know the needs and interests of every person in the school, and so our programmes are carefully designed to give teachers the scope to follow and work on those needs without losing sight of the central need to supply controlled, developmental input. It takes a highly professional teacher to recognise what will motivate the individuals in any particular group to learn effectively, and at Severnvale we always use - and depend on - highly professional teachers.
In practical terms, we try to ensure that all learners meet a variety of teachers and experience a variety of methods. We can do this without losing sight of overall aims because of the size and quality of our organisation. Teachers don't only know what the students are doing: they know what other teachers are doing too. In short, it is teamwork, but teamwork which recognises that the end-user - the learner - is an individual, with individual needs and aspirations.
Most who have taken our courses since we established Severnvale in 1982 have particularly come to appreciate our approach… and companies like working with us because our courses are extremely cost-effective. The combination of enjoyable learning with serious purpose makes all our courses - quite simply – very effective.
Severnvale is small, friendly and professional. Research into language learning has for years been showing that the most important ingredient for rapid and efficient progress is that the learner has a positive attitude to learning. Enjoyment, relaxation when appropriate, and the feeling of being among people who care about you and your progress all contribute to a positive attitude, and are therefore high priorities at Severnvale.
The serious aspect of our professionalism is our concern to get content and teaching methods right for each individual learner. This entails detailed knowledge of the learning resources available, choosing the best, and matching them to the interests and attitudes of the learners we currently have with us.
Severnvale's environment contributes to both aspects. In a quiet, pedestrian street only 3 minutes' walk from the busy centre of Shrewsbury it is both a place for serious study and an excellent starting-point for experiencing and enjoying English life.
Shrewsbury itself is a beautiful medieval town of about 100,000 people, rich in history but very much part of modern progress and with good entertainment facilities. It has the enormous advantage that though it is a picturesque and attractive place to be, it is relatively undiscovered by tourism and has only a small number of foreign students. Severnvale is in fact its only fully Accredited English language school - a fact which helps to give us a choice from the best of the local families who wish to host foreign visitors… resulting in excellent accommodation provision for all our students. The reception our students receive from the community here is also outstandingly positive.
Easily reached from major international airports – Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool Airports are all around an hour away (even from London Heathrow takes only around 2 hours) Shrewsbury offers the ideal location and a perfect learning environment.

Business & executive English courses available all year from £325 - £615 per week
Adult general English courses available all year from £165 - £375 per week
Adult examination courses available all year from £230 per week


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