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Sample School of English
English Language Courses

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About Us

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School Location
Months Open
May,  June,  July,  August,  September
Language Laboratory,  Multimedia Centre,  Library,  Wifi,  Café,  Garden/Terrace
Courses Offered
English for adults,  English for juniors,  English for business,  Intensive courses
Other Specialist Courses
English for Tourism. English for Doctors. Special low-cost courses for au pairs.
Junior Courses Ages
< 12,  12-16
Course Levels
Beginner,  Intermediate
Exams Offered
Cambridge English FCE (First Cert.),  Cambridge English CAE (Advanced),  Cambridge English CPE (Proficiency),  LCCI (English for Business),  IELTS
Other Exams Offered
Trinity College ISE and SfL. City & Guilds.
Hotels,  with Family,  Apartments/Studios
Sample Course Prices
Junior Courses from £150/wk. Executive Courses from £350 for 25hrs lessons week.
Wood Lane, Shepherd's Bush
Post Code
W12 7RJ
0044 123 456789
0044 123 987654
Tweets: @BBC

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