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English Speech and Pronunciation

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English Speech and Pronunciation
English Language Courses by Distance Learning

We teach clear standard English to people who are already proficient in the language. People learn to speak clearly, in a standard accent and not make embarrassing mistakes in sentence structure.
About Us

The English Speech and Pronunciation Course

Our acclaimed ALL-ON-FILM private study course presented by top British actors and tutors on nearly 20 hours of superb video – available either as boxed set with books and 14 DVDs for £95 (plus p&p) or as a download for £55.

Live tutorials on Skype

One-to-one LIVE half-hour sessions with a personal tutor face-to-face on Skype - ideal for sorting out any specific problems of speech and pronunciation or practising a presentation, speech, lecture or interview.

Grammar on film in 45 minutes

Introduction to the anatomy and machinery of English in 45 minutes ‒ downloadable film with full text for only £4

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