Enjoy Learning French in Sunny Provence

Total immersion in the French language and culture
with the inspiring beauty of Provence
* Dynamic, linguistic approach, intimate groups of differing levels (3-6 people),
taught by a team of professional teachers.
* Residential courses in a magnificent 19th century Monastery, Provençal cuisine,
charming hosts, informal friendly atmosphere inspired by the beauty of Provence :
villages, canyons, culture and ‘art de vivre’ with a mediterranean climate.
Adults programmes :
* “l’intensif” : 6 hours of courses and 7 hours of informal practice every day, with a
touch of culture and leisure.
* “à la carte” : 3 h 3/4 of courses and 9 hours of practice every day with a varied
programme of excursions and activities to discover the aera.
* “français professionnel” (4 hours weekly )can be added to both the programmes.
* the optional weekend programme “Provence Plus” adds an extra dimension to your
stay : “Aix-Cézanne”, “Aventure Verdon”, “Festival d’Avignon”, “Sur les traces de
Pagnol”, “Randonnée”, “Gastronomie”, “Chez l’artiste”.
YOUNG PEOPLE : (12-14, 15-18, 18-25)
* On horseback, in a sailing boat, tackling ropes above a canyon, rafting through
rapid white water, at a potter’s wheel or on the beach... In a small group (max 20 )
along with French speaking youngsters and great team leaders.
* A two week residential holiday in French with daily 3 hrs dynamic French
communication workshops adapted to individual level.
Young peoples' programmes :
>> 12-14 "juniors"
* Junior-Provence: varied multiactivity programme (residential)
* Junior-Aventure: adventurous multi-activity programme (residential)
>> 15-18 “young people”
* "Provence à la carte": muti-activity-programme (residential)
* "Cheval+": horseriding and much more (residential)
* "Voile+": sailing and surfing in Provence and Côte d’Azur (residential)
* "Provence-Grand Canyon-Côte d’Azur": discovery (roundtrip)
* "Aventure": White-water and Grand Canyon activities (roundtrip)



Address: Le Monastère de Ségriès, F-04360 Moustiers-Ste Marie

Tel: + 32 51 31 97 42

Fax: + 32 51 32 02 91

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