How to Write a Good CV
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How to Create a Better Professional CV

This time we've taken the same person and built an altogether better, more professional résumé. It may not be perfect, but it's much more likely to impress any potential employer. Points of interest on the CV are linked to discussion below.


Name Diana Saster
Date of Birth 29.02.75
Address 13, Hapless Road, London SW10 2JU
Telephone 020 8123 4567
Nationality British

1994 - 1997 BA in Economic at Any University, Anytown. (Exam results to date 2.1. Expected Final Grade 2.1 or 1)
1992 - 1994 Hapless Road Senior School: 4 'A' levels - Economics (A) Maths (A) History(B) General Studies (A)
1987 - 1992 Hapless Road Senior School: 10 GCSEs including Maths and English

1994 - 1995 Assistant Bar Manager for the Pink Flamingo, Anytown
I trained and supervised three members of staff, created and implemented promotional events and was instrumental in increasing profits by 25% during my period of employment there
July - Sept. 1996 Vacation Trainee with XYZ Chartered Accountants
I played an integral part in a team working on tax and audit projects. This position required familiarity with database and word processing software and involved liaising with XYZ's sister company in France

1995 - 1996 Entertainments Officer for University Student Social Society
I organized and budgeted for entertainments for one of the largest university student societies with over 1,000 members
1994 - to date Captain of the University Women's Hockey Team
In charge of training, organizing and motivating the women's team from 1995 to date

Fluent French
Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Access

On Request

Better CV Explored

All of Di's personal details are now correctly presented and unnecessary information has been minimized.

Education details are shown in most recent order, with exam results prominent - after all they're too good to hide.

The paper round has disappeared back into the mists of time and been replaced with recent posts that stress skills and achievement. The whole CV format is consistent now as well, making things easy for any potential employer to read.

Back to the CV

Di's put a spin on her 'extracurricular activities' to make them sound less drunken and more responsible.

The dodgy driving license has gone but it's been replaced with skills that are highly marketable. Best of all, they're true!

References are now on request, which saves Di valuable space. Incidentally, her father's no longer one of them.

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